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About Orchard

The Apple device management toolkit

Orchard is a suite of tools for easily managing Mac and iOS devices provided by the Endpoint Device Management Services team within IT Services. With Orchard you can:

  • Install all the apps your users need, including those from the App Store, with regular automated updates

  • Use flexible deployment methods including manual enrolment, and Apple’s Device Enrolment Program

  • Get a detailed overview of your Apple devices with best-in-class inventory and reporting

  • Configure devices automatically with required services and features

  • Provide users with a self-service support portal and detailed documentation

  • Give your users the unique Apple experience while being supported and secure

Following several years of development Orchard now comes in two product formats:

  • Orchard fully managed device services providing comprehensive Apple device management including end user support.

  • NEW: Orchard tools for IT support staff allowing departmental IT staff access to the Orchard infrastructure to manage their unit's devices, and collaborate with other Apple support professionals across the University.

All of your apps, always up to date

Orchard Software Centre is your users' go-to destination for new software. Using a familiar interface, they can access an ever-growing catalog (240+ apps and counting) including free/open-source and licensed software such as the official campus-wide Microsoft Office, Sophos Anti-Virus and more. It can even deliver and license Adobe Creative Suite.

When a software update is available it is applied automatically where possible or via clear user notifications. Orchard also allows access to the Mac App Store, so that users can install software they own or can be provided with software via the Volume Purchase Program.

To learn more about Orchard Software Centre see Applications and other software.

All your services

Using many years of experience, Orchard provides a rich toolset for configuring Apple devices with departmental and University services including:

  • Binding to directory services for authentication and authorisation
  • Printers and drivers
  • Auto-mounting of network drives
  • VPN configuration

Since the devil is in the details, Orchard drills right down to deploying keyboard layouts, branding, fonts and more.

Minimal touch device deployment

Orchard has built-in support for Apple’s powerful device configuration tools. Use the Device Enrollment Program (DEP) to configure new devices straight out of the box in users’ hands. Leverage the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) to deploy App Store software on a user or device basis and easily rescind licences when no longer required.

iOS device management

Use Orchard to easily support users with personal and organisational devices. Deliver apps, configure your services such as VPN, email and calendars, and meet your security requirements. User lost an iPad? Lock or erase it with a remote command.

Deep roots in solid ground

Built with established commercial and open-source software, Orchard’s infrastructure is designed from the ground up to be robust and secure. Using our tools allows you to capitalise on the Orchard team’s many years of experience.

To learn about Orchard's infrastructure, see Orchard Infrastructure.


"The Orchard solution allows us to have an insight about the machines deployed, what is installed there, what is their hardware, etc. In addition, it allows us to use flexible policies to provide better management than we had before deploying this solution."
Dr. Alfonso Gazo-Cervero, IT Manager, Department of Computer Science University of Oxford

Products and pricing

Learn more about Orchard fully managed device services.

Learn more about Orchard tools for IT support staff.

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