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University of Oxford Apple Developer Programs

The University has accounts with two Apple Developer Programs:


The NSMS team within IT Services purchased Developer Accounts with a signing identities for the University of Oxford when they became available several years ago. Apple only allow one developer/enterprise developer identity per D-U-N-S number, and the University only has one number, so we have kept the management of these accounts and provide a best efforts service in administering it. Please note that since we do not receive compensation for our time it is not a formal service with an SLA. It is now under the management of the Orchard team within EDMS (Endpoint Device Management Services).

General Information

Mailing List

There is a mailing list, which all members of the Apple Developer accounts should be signed up to. This is where any discussion about the Developer Account should take place.

Team Levels

For detailed information on what each level of membership entails, please see Apple's documentation. In summary:


There is only one agent account, and this is managed by IT Services (EDMS). This is the account that can accept legal terms, create developer ID certificates and renew the account.


Each unit that wishes to use the Developer Account should nominate one person to be their developer admin. This person will have admin permissions on the Developer Program account portal. The admin can change the app id of an application, and also sign them for distribution. Admins can also add new members, but we ask that they do not grant or alter membership levels for any other person in the team.


Members can create development certificates and register devices to develop on. Please note that we suggest that you stick to a maximum of 5 development devices. This is because there is a maximum of 100 total for the entire University.

App Store Connect

App Store Connect allows developers to submit and their apps on the relevant App Stores, App Managers to release them, and allows admings to transfer in apps from other Developer IDs.


By becoming part of the University's Developer Program, you agree to maintain the security of any certificates involved and their private signing keys. Please alert the mailing list immediately if you believe any of the following have happened:

  • The main iOS or macOS distribution certificates have been revoked or deleted (this will affect everyone in the program)
  • A certificate or private key has been compromised or lost
  • Someone who is not a member of the program is signing apps with our certificate
  • You have any other concern about a certificate or security issue not listed

Do not attach certificates or private keys to emails to the mailing list.

Requesting Access

Requests for access should be done formally by someone with high level administrative responsibility for a department/research group etc. They should email with the request, which should include:

  • Your nominated Developer Program admin user's name and email address (probably the technical lead)
  • Your required member users names and email addresses (the other developers)
  • Please include the line "I agree to the terms laid out on"

We will set up your access to the account/mailing list as soon as possible and inform you when this is done.

Orchard is a close co-operation of